Bubble Water Screen

Bubble Water Screen is an amazing new product by GLO, that is designed with acrylic panels with internal LED lights & air pump, which make the dancing bubble illusion.
Can be beautiful option for places such as hotel lobbies, restaurant's, bar's, Shopping Malls, club's, high end residences, etc. It can give the environment create a dreamy, romantic, and elegant atmosphere.
Bubble Water Screen by GLO are beautiful to look at, and come with various patterns of bubble creation. Pattern and speed of bubbles through bubble panels can be tuned and adjusted by the customer. They are extremely modular in nature and are a quick setup. Some of the salient features og Water Screen are :
  • Made up of High Density Acrylic
  • Easy installation
  • Does Not require any filtration system
  • High End LED Lights
  • Colour changing wireless remote control
  • Music controller if require to change lights as per music
  • Bubble controller if necessary to change pattern and speed of bubbles to create random patterns.