G-PRO SS Profiles: U Profiles

Design: U Profiles

Size: Length: 10ft

About G-PRO SS Profiles

G-PRO SS Profiles are stainless steel PVD Colour Coated Decorative Profile Series in various shapes and colours. These SS Profiles are made from high quality 304 Steel and coated with PVD Titanium coatings, which gives a life of 15 years.
G-PRO SS Profiles are widely used in Decorative Applications such as Exterior Cladding, Interior Decoration, Skirting, Wall Edge Protection, Flooring, Furniture, Wall Partitions and Many More.
  • Premium Quality 304 Grade Stainless Steel
  • PVD Titanium Coating
  • Exterior / Interior application
  • 15 Years Warranty
*Size, Thickness & Colour may vary from piece to piece