Terra Blocks: 02- Brick Cladding Edge

Design: 02- Brick Cladding Edge

Size: 240mm x 80mm
Thickness: 10mm

About Terra Blocks

Terra Blocks are a whole new level of beautiful, that have been catching on in offices and homes throughout the country. This new trend is fuelled by the amount of ways one can play with Block designs. Mixing and matching patterns, colours, even just how sunlight casts lovely patterns on the floor. Whether it ends up as a wall partition or just a feature wall outside your home, every one is a true masterpiece, in its own way.
ART TILES are handmade, so variations in color, size, thickness and texture are to be expected during firing and drying. We can never guarantee that all traces of sooth, salt or other forms of nature related issues have completely been extracted from the tiles. We expect our customers to be aware of this matter.
  • Made from Natural Terracotta Clay.
  •  Always use drinking water or RO water for installation or cleaning. Do not use ground water. 
*Size, Thickness & Colour may vary from piece to piece