Fibre Cement Board: 02 - Almond Brown

Design: 02 - Almond Brown

Size: 150mm X 3000mm
Thickness: 8mm

About Fibre Cement Board

GLO - FCB (FIBRE CEMENT BOARD) is a non-combustible multi-purpose application board that comes with various thicknesses and designs which are suitable for various applications/products like FLUTED, SIDING, LOUVERS, WALL, FLOOR, CEILING, DIGITAL DESIGN and many more.
GLO - FCB are strong, durable & efficient and can be used for both exterior and interior applications. They are highly resistant to moisture, fire & termite and used for commercial, industrial or residential purposes. These boards can be finished or coated with other materials like wood, veneer, paint, tiles, wallpaper, etc.
GLO FCBs come in different specifications, density, edges and qualities which make them useful for different applications and environments. The moisture resistant attribute has made GLO FCB the ideal choice for customers especially for internal dry and wet area applications.
  • Always use drinking water or RO water for installation or cleaning. Do not use ground water.
  • *Size, Thickness & Colour may vary from piece to piece