Ayna - Mirror Engraved Panels: 4- 6816 (Gold)

Design: 4- 6816 (Gold)

Size: 2400mm x 600mm
Thickness: 6mm

About Ayna - Mirror Engraved Panels

AYNA Mirror Engraved Panels by GLO are ushering in a new generation of wall coverings that make a statement about regal luxury. Mirror engraved with a touch of Rose Gold, Silver and gold, these
lavish-looking panels certainly compliment and adorn your walls. This contemporary collection is a trendy treasure that radiates glamour and raises the style quotient of your interiors, without sky-high price tag.
AYNA Mirror Engraved Panels add depth to the space and make it a fascinating installation by grabbing
the attention of your visitors.
Raw Material: PVC