Evergreen Bloom

Nurturing and caring for real plants is a task that many of us find time consuming, tiresome and sometimes futile. Whether you are leading a busy life, suffer from plant related allergies or simple don’t have the penchant for gardening, EVERGREEN Bloom are for you.
EVERGREEN Bloom the perfect alternative to needy natural plants. They look fresh year after year, will ‘grow’ in any environment and won’t die if you forget to water them. They’re also low maintenance, so bar a quick dust here and there, require no ongoing care. 
Styling your homes interior and garden with artificial greenery used to be frowned upon. Faux plants were renowned for being made from rigid shiny plastic. This is no longer the case. Manufacturing techniques have improved significantly allowing artificial plants to be produced in all shapes and sizes, from high quality fabrics and flexible plastics making them nearly identical to their botanical counterparts.
*Size, Thickness & Colour may vary from piece to piece